The call for speakers closed on Friday, September 14th.

Saturday, November 3rd will be an amazing day in the 603!

Thanks to all the amazing talent in the 603 community, we got nearly six dozen topics to choose from, from over three dozen speakers!

Acceptance messages have been sent for the organizers’ collectively top-rated (favorite) topic from each speaker.  We will not send Decline messages.

About Speaking:

Have a topic about coding that you’d like to present?  The Granite State (NH) Code Camp is looking for volunteer speakers to present in (typically) one-hour sessions.   We’d be honored to have you speak.

The Code Camp will be November 3rd, 2018 at Manchester Community College, in Manchester, NH.

The day will be divided up into five or six periods, each period having five or six sessions within it.

Sessions can be 30, 60, or 120 minutes in length.

The only topic constraint is that it has to be relevant to programmers, and should have code somewhere in there.

They can be in one of the following styles:

  • Session, “show & tell”-style (presentation, with  Powerpoint slides and/or live coding),
  • lightning talk (no video projection, typically 30 minute), or
  • workshop (attendees get to try stuff on their own systems, typically 120 minute)

60 minute presentations are far & away the favorite.

We are supporting a “Future Pro” / #FuturePro track for high school and younger coding enthusiasts who want to share their enthusiasm with the 603 coding community.

The information we ask for on the session submission form, above, is used by the organization committee to decide which sessions to accept, and some of it will be used to print on the event schedule.

Presenters should bring their own laptop (with HDMI video to hook up to projectors) with all the tools they need installed.  Presenters showing other devices (Raspberry Pi, for example) will need to bring their own devices and arrange to present them in advance.

Sessions will be presented in classrooms or the MPR.  Classrooms support 20-30 attendees. The MPR will support many more.

The school provides guest internet, but that can be unreliable at times and sometimes blocks ports.  If you need to communicate with devices, you might need to bring your own Wifi hotspot or other networking gear.

Your session will run at the same time as several others, campers will have to choose yours from the schedule.

Not all sessions will be accepted.  We’ll have limited time & space, so the organization committee will collectively vote on which sessions to accept.

Feel free to submit multiple sessions, it may help ensure you get at least one accepted.

If we have enough individual presenters submit sessions, we’ll try to limit presenters to one session each, but this depends on a few variables.   We might not be able to accept sessions from all presenters due to time & space constraints.

If your session is accepted, we’ll reach out to you to confirm your volunteer commitment in advance, before publishing the schedule (publishing date “to be announced”).  If we can’t confirm with you before the schedule deadline, your session may need to be replaced.

You are responsible for your own content.  Attendees are responsible for their consumption of it. 🙂

We will geek out about accepted sessions on twitter (especially via @NHCodeCamp) and other social media occasionally, in advance of the event to help promote you and the event.

You can send any additional questions to nhcodecamp@outlook.com.